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The Secondary department is responsible for, among others, designing and developing curricula and curriculum materials for secondary education.

Secondary education is divided into two cycles: The Lower Secondary Education cycle referred to as Ordinary level that leads to the award of the Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE). This cycle lasts a period of four academic years. The Higher Secondary Education cycle referred to as Advanced Secondary level of education that leads to the award of the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE).

The main activities of the secondary department this financial year were to; re-organise the lower secondary curriculum via Subject Approach. After stakeholder consultations with the Vice Chancellors of both Public and Private Universities, Principals of NTCs and Deans of faculties of Education and Sciences, a reduced curriculum menu of 20 subjects was agreed. The curriculum was approved by His Excellency, the President at the April 5th 2018 meeting with the Stakeholder in his office. Fine-tuning of the syllabuses is being finalised and arrangements for   preliminary activities for roll out in 2020 are in high gear.