Research, Evaluation & Consultancy

Enid Kamwine
Head, Research and Evaluation

NCDC has a vibrant research and evaluation department whose strategic objective is to provide relevant and up-to-date information for curriculum Development.  The department has continued to inform and guide the curriculum development process in this country.  The Research and Evaluation department at NCDC is a cross cutting department that supports other academic departments in research and evaluation related activities. It consists of two units. TheResearch & evaluation and the Library unit.

The responsibilities of the Research and Evaluation department include; conducting research and evaluation studies in curricula and educational programmes; Evaluate the effectiveness of instructional materials and methods in educational institutions; training panel members in research methods and techniques; producing research reports for curriculum planning and management; disseminating information and findings to promote understanding and better practices of curriculum implementation; maintaining an efficient document unit and providing relevant and up-to-date information resources for curriculum development.

The department of recent has engaged in a number of activities including; dissemination of the findings on the Effectiveness of the Uganda Primary Four Curriculum in the four regions in Uganda; A study on assessing the implementation of the Subsidiary Mathematics and Subsidiary Information Technology Curricula at Advanced level.

The Library Unit

The Library is a Unit under the Research and Evaluation Department with an aim of providing relevant and up-to-date information for Curriculum development. It consists of the main library (reading space), the front/service desk, and the Librarian’s office which has the Reserve, Special collection, and the Reference sections.

It has a collection of about 7,700 books including syllabi for Pre-Primary and Primary, Secondary and BTVET levels; textbooks for different subjects (Curriculum development, Research, Human resource management, Economics, Physics, Biology, etc); UNEB Past papers; various Government publications; Newspaper dailies; local language Orthographies; and other reference materials. The Library subscribes to and is a member to the Consortium of Uganda University Libraries (CUUL) and this enables it have access to at least 32 Electronic Databases

Other Library Services include: providing lending services to staff, Current Awareness Services, Reference Services, User education and Training, Issuance of the ISBN & ISSN to the Production unit, Selective Dissemination of Information, and assisting in the acquisition of Copyright for NCDC publications.


  • Controls, guides and implements the Centre’s research and consultancy programs
  • Coordinates the initiation, planning and development of a research and consultancy strategy for the organization that contributes to the overall development of the Centre’s strategic plan
  • Coordinates research and consultancy projects and monitor contract performance to ensure that they deliver timely and cost-effective results that enhance the effectiveness of the Centre’s service delivery.