Pre-Primary and Primary

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The Pre-Primary and Primary department has two sections; the Pre-Primary Section and the Primary section. The Pre-Primary section handles curriculum issues concerning pre-school and is categorized in two age groups of 0-3 years and 3-6 years, while Primary covers P1 toP7.

The department is charged with the responsibility of development, interpretation and reviewing of inclusive curricula and instructional support materials, providing teacher support programmes and providing guidance on assessment at pre-Primary and Primary education level.

Our Main activities for the financial year 2017/18 were; Transcribing the P4 and P5 curriculum into Braille; Formation of nine language boards for development of orthographies; Development of P5-7 Kiswahili orientation manuals; Development of manual for making ECD inclusive playgrounds and play materials; Production of Religious Education supplementary readers and charts; Reviewing the Nile English course book, Teacher’s Guide and PACE; Record and produce an audio copy of the songbook; Development of a resource book for Global Citizenship Education with the support from APCIU and LABE, we have developed Complementary Learning Framework for ECCE 3-5yrs and 5-6yrs.