Internal Audit

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The chief role of the Internal Audit  is to give an independent, objective assurance and consulting service that adds value and improve the Centre’s operations.

The mandate of the unit is enshrined in section 48 of The Public Finance Management Act, 2015 (PFMA), the NCDC Sanding orders, the NCDC Internal Audit Manual and Internal Audit Charter. Its operations are guided by the International Standards on Auditing (ISAs).

The unit has been operational since November, 2007 when the first Internal Auditor was appointed as head of the Unit. The Unit has two staff members.

Critical activities that the Unit has accomplished include; Developing NCDC Internal Audit manual, NCDC Audit Committee Charter, caused the formation of NCDC Audit Committee and developed the NCDC Risk Management Policy.

Our wish is to continue serving the Centre by strengthening its internal control systems and contribute to the control and mitigation of risks for the success and sustainability of NCDC.


  • Follows up on compliance procedures
  • Performs risk identification and recommendation for effective mitigation
  • Regularly checks on controls in place for effective running of the centre