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The Department of Finance is responsible for implementing and appraising financial management systems, practices and policies to ensure effective utilization of fiscal as well as providing technical support for planning, execution and evaluation of NCDCs development and performance plans and budgets.

Some of its specific responsibilities include; to Plan, budget and implement programmes and projects for financial management, planning and development; to execute the budget and account for the fiscal and other resources allocated to the Department; to initiate the development of internal policies for financial management, planning and development; to manage the financial resources by putting in place and implementing control systems that ensure that all financial transactions conform to budgetary provisions and relevant financial regulations regarding their disbursement and accountability; to manage an up to date inventory of NCDC assets (Assets Register); to Manage, monitor and control the budget of NCDC; to Coordinate planning, monitoring and evaluation of NCDC performance with regard to its annual workplan, budget, projects and programmes; to Interpret and guide on internal fiscal policies, standards and regulations in accordance with existing laws and regulations; to Support the Accounting Officer/ Director to respond to audit queries.