Business, Technical, Vocational Education and Training (BTVET)/Lifelong Skills Curricula

Alisat Gule

BTVET department is mandated to develop curricula for tertiary institutions for Certificate and Diploma programmes run by both public and private institutions.

BTVET department has embarked on developing and reviewing curricula to make them competence based with a modular approach aimed at shifting from the traditional knowledge-based way of teaching to skills development. The focus is on equipping learners with workplace skills of learning by doing for job creation and production. If well implemented, the revised curricula will enable learners to be analytical, creative, and innovative so as to design new products for the job markets.

BTVET department has a number of revised curricula that are complete for both certificate and diploma programmes. They include: 3 Higher National Diploma curricula, 15 National Diploma curricula; 17 National certificate Curricula.

The department is currently reviewing curricula for the following certificate courses: Tourism and Hospitality management, Business administration, Social work, Journalism and media management, Human Resource Management,  Counselling and Guidance, Information Communication Technology, Clearing and forwarding, Procurement and Supplies Management, Accounting and Finance, Library and Information Science, Public Administration and Management, Computer repair and maintenance.