BTVET Curriculum

Diploma Programs

The diploma courses are categorised into two broad categories of National Diploma and Higher Diploma. Both National Diploma and Higher Diploma Courses are offered for a duration of 2 years. However the National diploma programmes provide the basic knowledge and skills whereas higher diploma programmes are a head up as regards to education.  They provide an indepth training with broader and intensive coverage equivalent to that of an associate degree.

Certificate Courses

The certificate courses are modularised and aimed at opening up avenues for citizens to be skilled in particular specialised areas of one’s interest. These certificate courses are categorised into three as follows:

BTVET Curriculum

The aim of Business Technical Vocational Education and Training (BTVET) department is to develop and review curricula for tertiary institutions. We develop curricula which is competence based to address the government policy of Skilling Uganda, which is aimed at shifting from the traditional academic teaching to skills development. We develop curricula with are modular in approach for the learners to undertake a specific course /programme in phases with intervals of employment. BTVET develops the National Diploma and the National Certificate courses as seen in the diagram below:

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