Transition Curriculum

The P4 Curriculum provides for transition from:

  • Thematic to subject-based learning.
  • Use of local language to gradual use of English as medium of instruction i.e. in term 1 teachers should use local language and English; in term 2 local language is minimised; in term 3 the medium of instruction should be purely English
  • Use of non-textbook materials to use of both non textbook and textbook materials
  • Thirty minutes to forty minutes of lesson time
  • Creative Performing Arts (CPA) and Physical Education to Creative Arts and Physical Education (CAPE)

At this level, the subjects were reviewed and repackaged to emphasise both content and language competences. The subjects offered are:

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Integrated Science
  • Social Studies
  • Religious Education (Christian Religious Education (CRE) and Islamic Religious Education (IRE))
  • Creative Arts and Physical Education (CAPE) i.e. Music, Dance and Drama (CAPE 1), Physical Education (CAPE 2), Art and Technology (CAPE 3)
  • Local Language
  • Kiswahili