O Level Curriculum

Ordinary level is one of the the formal education options for learners who have completed primary education.

Learners join Senior One having successfully passed the Primary Leaving Examinations and embark on a 4-year cycle covering the Lower Secondary or O level (Senior 1 - Senior 4).

Subjects Taught at O level and their Status across the Country


Subject Name


Science and Mathematics

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Physical Education, General Science and Mathematics

All Compulsory except General Science


English Language, Kiswahili, Literature in English, Local Languages and Foreign Languages

Only English is compulsory

Social Sciences

Geography, History, Religious Education

Only Geography and History are compulsory

Vocational Subjects

Commerce, Fine Art, Music,  Agriculture, Home Economics,  Wood Work, Metal Work, Technical Drawing, Entrepreneurship Education , Computer Studies

All Optional

Physical Education is taught in all schools but is not examined by UNEB at the end of cycle. The Secondary Department also handles educational issues for the disadvantaged learners and there is a Specialist appointed for this area.

Cross Cutting Issues

NCDC with the help of partners, has integrated a number of cross cutting issues into both O and A level curricula. Some of the projects sponsored by partners and handled by the department are:

  1. Climate Change
  2. Animal Welfare
  3. Reproductive Health
  4. Disaster Risk Reduction
  5. Science Integrated with Technology
  6. Financial Literacy
  7. Road Safety