Caregivers Guide to the Learning Framework (3 - 6 Years)

The learning areas in this framework are:

  • Relating with others in an acceptable way
  • Interacting, exploring, knowing and using my environment
  • Taking care of myself for proper growth and development
  • Developing and using mathematical concepts in my day-to-day experiences
  • Developing and using my language appropriately

This Guide provides guidance on how to assess the child, record and report to those who need the progress reports on the child.  This allows for regular monitoring of individual learning progress, diagnosis of learning difficulties and provides necessary assistance.

This guide provides information on the teaching and learning experiences that enhances the holistic development of a child. The Caregiver’s Guide its emphasis is on learner centredness and provides for increased learner-teacher contact time, different ability groups and familiar language for initial literacy.

Curriculum file: