About NCDC


The National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC) is a corporate autonomous statutory body/agency under the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoE&S) responsible for the development of educational curricula for primary, secondary and some tertiary institutions in Uganda.

Its functions include, inter alia, initiating processes for curricula research, review and/or reform, updating, testing and coordinating the implementation of educational curricula at all levels of learning (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary) as well as promulgation of guidance for the implementation of improved educational curricula and pedagogy.

NCDC Statutory Functions


  1. To investigate and evaluate the need for syllabus revision and curriculum reform at Primary, Secondary and Tertiary levels of Education in Pre-school and post-school education and in teacher education

  2. To initiate new syllabuses, to revise existing ones, to carry out curriculum reform, research, testing and evaluation, to bring up-to-date and improve syllabuses for school and college courses

  3. To draft teaching schemes, textbooks, teachers’ manuals, and examination syllabuses in cooperation with teaching institutions and examination bodies;

  4. To design and develop teaching aids and instruction materials and to disseminate the teaching aids and materials;

  5. To devise test and evaluate examination questions and methods of examining students with other appropriate teaching and examining bodies

  6. To organize and conduct in-service courses of instruction for the acquisition of knowledge and professional skill by persons intending or required to teach new courses developed at the Centre.

  7. To organize and conduct courses in the objectives and methods of curriculum development work

  8. To hold seminars and conferences on curriculum development projects and problems

  9. To collect, compile, analyze and abstract statistical information on curriculum and matters related to curriculum

  10. To publish information, bulletins, digests, periodicals or other written material concerning curriculum and other matters related to curriculum;

  •  To cause to be approved by publishers, curriculum related materials for use by schools and colleges and to evaluate those materials
  •  To vet and approve any international or other curriculum that is not developed by the Centre, to be used by a tertiary institution or school in Uganda, before the registration or licensing, by the relevant authority, of the tertiary institution or school that intends to use that curriculum;

 11. To disseminate and promote general and better knowledge and understanding of new curriculums, teaching, methods and teaching aids