Physics is a core subject which is compulsory in O level. It is a subject which unlocks opportunities in science related fields. In primary school curriculum it appears as ‘Integrated Science’ whereby it is blended with other science related subjects to form one examinable subject. The Physics Curriculum is structured in such a way as to introduce the learner to basic concepts in a spiral manner, starting with the simplest and building on it in a systematic way. It is designed to include activities that lead the student to understand basic theories and interpret basic physical phenomena. These are acquired when a student carries out a series of experiments to find out, prove or disprove physical laws. Studying Physics makes more meaning and is more fun if instruction is mostly practical oriented.

Many students tend to think that the subject is abstract; full of diagrams, equations and theories. The learner should enjoy the subject if he/she is taken through a ‘functional approach’ which enables him/her to see the purpose of studying a particular concept.

The end-of-cycle examinations in S4 include both theory and practical papers (two papers are theory and one paper is practical). If the course is activity-oriented the learner will definitely enjoy it and be able to pass the examination.