Home Economics

The emphasis of Home Economics in Secondary Education in Uganda has been on imparting knowledge and skills.  The subject is aimed at developing learner’s skills in the identification, selection, preparation and processing of various foods that is palatable and nutritious while offering healthy feeding guidelines. It also comprises of textile science and garment construction, equipping learners with skills in garment construction for all ages and for various environments. These skills will help learners to be self-reliant.

Home Economics is linked to two subjects at A level, that is, Foods and Nutrition and Clothing and Construction.

Home Economics addresses the challenges of unemployment. School leavers have to be prepared for self-reliance even when they drop out of school. They need to have skills to help them be productive so that they benefit society dynamics in the ever expanding and competitive world. The teaching of Home Economics enables learners to:

  1. appreciate the importance of Food and Nutrition and Garment Construction.
  2. gain skills in processing, preservation of healthy foods and garment construction.
  3. acquire skills in preparation and serving of various types of foods.