Literature Set Books 2015-2020

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

O level Literature set books have been changed with effect from 2015 with the new S.3 Students.

New books for teaching Literature in English (2015 – 2020)

Section A


Betrayal in the City                                   by        Francis Imbuga


The Merchant of Venice                            by        William Shakespeare


Carcase for Hounds                                  by        Meja Mwangi


The Alien Woman                                     by       Laury Lawrence Ocen


Section B

The Government Inspector                        by       Nicol Gogol

Voice of the People                                   by       Okiya Omatatah Okoiti

The Cowrie of Hope                                  by       Binwell Sinyangwe

The Curse of the Sacred Cow                     by       Mary Karoro Okurut

Mema                                                      by       Daniel Mengara




Growing up with Poetry                            by        David Rubadiri


An Anthology of East African Poetry           by        A.D. Amateshe


Please note that the set books for Luganda will remain as they have been.