Primary School Curriculum

The Primary School Curriculum aims at enabling learners to develop competences and life skills for

lifelong learning. It emphasises the importance of literacy,numeracy, language development, values, attitudes, cross-cutting issues and continuous assessment. The curriculum advocates for the use of friendly child-centred methods and approaches where learners must participate in their learning activities in order to make reasonable learning achievements. It aims at enabling learners to acquire self-confidence and meet the demands of life.

The Curriculum is presented in three cycles, namely:

i)  Lower Primary Curriculum

ii)  Transition Curriculum

iii)  Upper Primary Curriclum

Each cycle has its own structures of knowledge, skills and learning outcomes. This arrangement is aimed at catering for:

  • different class interests.
  • abilities of the different age groups.
  • easy monitoring of learning at each new stage introduced.
  • assessment of the learner’s achievement at each stage.
  • provision of feedback on the progress of the learner's concept development and skills acquisition.