BTVET Department

BTVET stands for Business Technical Vocational Education and Training.


The department is divided into three major units:


Business Education; Unit for business and related curricula such as Accounting, Business Administration, Marketing, Procurement and Logistics, etc


Vocational Education Unit; for vocational curricula such as Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, etc


Technical Education Unit; for technical education curricula such as Carpentry, Shoe making, Motor vehicle mechanics, Electrical Engineering, etc


  • Catchphrase: “A skill for every Ugandan for Production and Service”

  • Vision: Competence Based Curricula for Skilling Uganda

    Mission: To develop competence-based skills curricula for all BTVET areas of study, to enhance self-employment and economic development


  • Strategic Objective

  • To develop competence-based modular and flexible curricula relevant for Skilling Uganda to meet the demands of world work.

    • To carry out periodic curricula review based on research.


  • Curriculum Development

  • Already Developed Curricula. The department has developed the following curricula and are already being piloted in training institutions:

  • Code




    Technical Colleges

    National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering


    Technical Colleges

    National Diploma in Electrical Engineering    


    Technical Colleges

    National Diploma in Building and Civil Engineering



    National Certificate in Agriculture


  • Curricula Currently Being Developed

    BTVET curricula are currently being reviewed in the following categories:read more>>