About NCDC

The National Curriculum Development centre (NCDC) was established by the NCDC Act Chapter 135, Laws of Uganda Revised Edition 2000 whose history is Decree No. 7 of 1973.

The Centre is a corporate autonomous body of the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoE&S).  It is responsible for inter-alia development of curricula and related materials for various levels of education (i.e.  Pre-Primary , Primary, Secondary and Tertiary), organizing capacity building courses for stakeholders on curricula and matters related to curriculum.

Functions of the Centre

    • ncdcTo investigate and evaluate the need for syllabus revision and curriculum reform at Primary, Secondary and Tertiary levels of education in pre-school and post-school education and in teacher education.

    • ncdcTo initiate new syllabuses, to revise existing ones, to carryout curriculum reform, research, testing  and evaluation, to bring up to-date and improve syllabuses for school and college courses.

    • ncdcTo draft teaching schemes, textbooks, teachers’ manuals and examination syllabuses in cooperation with teaching institutions and examining bodies.

    • ncdcTo design and develop teaching aids and instructional materials.

    • ncdcTo devise, test and evaluate examination questions and methods of examining students with other appropriate teaching and examining bodies.

    • ncdcTo organize and conduct in-service courses of instruction for the acquisition of knowledge and professional skill by persons intending or required to teach new courses developed at the Centre.

    • ncdcTo organize and conduct courses in the objectives and methods of curriculum development for persons required to participate in curriculum development work.

    • ncdcTo hold seminars and conferences on curriculum development projects and problems.

    • ncdcTo collect, compile and analyse abstract statistical information on curriculum and matters related to curriculum.

    • ncdcTo publish information, bulletins, digests, periodicals or other written material concerning curriculum and other matters related to curriculum.

    • ncdcTo disseminate and promote general and better knowledge and understanding of new curriculums, teaching methods and teaching aids.